I have been asked a lot of questions about the healthy side of loosing weight. This page lists the top dieting questions. I will add pertinent healthy diet questions as they come in. So you might save some time by checking this page before you send an email.

Question: Should I see my doctor before dieting?

Answer: Absolutely! It is important to see your doctor for a consultation before starting any diet and exercise program + PhenQ. Do not run the risk of injury or possible health impairment believing you can move forward without an evaluation by a licensed health care practitioner.

Question: What is the best healthy way to lose weight?

Answer: Have a medical evaluation, reduce your caloric intake and increase your daily physical activity. How much and how fast you lose weight depends on several factors. However, the primary foundation of effective diet programs includes diet and exercise. The diet program I recommend that effectively incorporates these principles is Strip That Fat.

Question: Are all diets really safe?

Answer: The general answer is no. It depends on the type of diet and regimen followed. A high protein and low carbohydrate diet will cause you to lose weight. However, it should be used only for a short term weight loss because of the possible health complications if used long term. The food you choose for protein is very important and what carbohydrates you do use should be high in fiber. If your diet plan does not include all food groups you could miss out on essential minerals and vitamins. If your diet calls for less than 2,000 calories per day it is almost impossible to get all the necessary nutrients.

Question: What diet program do you recommend and why?

Answer: I recommend Strip That Fat because of the foundational strategy is sound and realistic. First, since there may be foods you don’t like, you have the choice to eat the foods you do like. I remember one diet I tried that required you to eat miniature spinach quiches for breakfast. I think that was the last time I held my breath while eating. It was horrible for me.

Next, regardless of your size it utilizes exercise regimens that anyone can do. And since it seems there is never enough time in the day it includes exercises suitable for your busy schedule.

And finally the program focuses on long term weight loss. Oh, you will have significant short term loss, but unlike most diets Strip That Fat will give you long term weight loss and weight management. You can read my full review here.

Question: Can I lose weight without exercising?

Answer: Yes, by reducing your calories, BUT chances are you may gain all the weight back and then some. Been there done that. I lost 20 pounds on a popular diet, not exercising, but surrendered to the temptation of foods I missed and gained back more than I lost in a short period of time. Exercising your bodies large muscle groups is essential metabolic control and weight loss. Regular exercise results in many health benefits aside from weight loss. Choose a diet plan that includes a regimen of exercise and healthy eating.

Question: What is the relationship between metabolism and weight loss?

Answer: Contrary to popular belief a slow metabolism is rarely the cause for excessive weight gain. It is your physical activity and what you eat and drink that determines how much you weigh. Metabolism has to do with processing what you consume and turns it into energy for the body. It combines the calories from you food and drink with oxygen to release the energy your body needs to function. Your basal metabolic rate (BMR) is the number of calories your body needs to do these basic functions. Of course, your size, gender and age are involved in determining your BMR.

Question: Does low thyroid activity affect weight loss?

Answer: Experts tell us that an under active thyroid could be a physiological barrier to losing weight. If so all the popular weight loss programs will not work for you. Regardless how hard you work if you have an under active thyroid you will lose little, if any, weight. The good news about low thyroid activity is it is easily treated. However, undiagnosed and not treated over time problems will arise. A simple blood test by your physician can accurately diagnose low thyroid activity. Symptoms of low thyroid activity include puffy face, hand and feet along with constantly feeling tired & fatigue, mood swings of varying degrees, joint pain and muscle aches, gain weight easily, depressed and anxious, easily irritated, memory problems and not able to think clearly.

Question: Can I eat my favorite dessert and then just burn it off with exercise?

Answer: Not really. There is a well known National League baseball player that would get on the treadmill to burn 300 calories so he could so he could jump off and eat his favorite chocolate chip cookie. Actually, your favorite dessert could equal hours of exercise because of the way carbohydrates are assimilated in the body. The bottom line, it is easier to not eat 300 calories than to burn 300 calories.

Question: What role does water play in weight loss?

Answer: Good hydration is vital to maintaining a healthy body. Choosing water instead of a sugar or caffeine beverage will help you lose weight. Experts say a person should drink at least eight glasses of water a day. For me I believe the volume of water depends on your size and physical activity. The important point is, don’t wait until you’re thirsty to drink…you are already dehydrated at that point. Drinking lots of water helps reduce the feeling of hunger.

Question: Can drinking coffee help me lose weight?

Answer: According to the Mayo Clinic website you should keep in mind that caffeine is a stimulant and too much can cause nervousness, insomnia and other problems. Also, some caffeinated beverages, such as specialty coffees, are high in calories and fat. So instead of losing weight, you might actually gain weight.

Question: How can I get rid of belly fat?

Answer: Your belly or abdominals is comprised of six muscles, five of which are interior and generally not visible; however, all have a function in our trunk area movement and posture. It is the superficial rectus abdominis muscle that gives the six pack appearance when you are physically fit. It can become more defined by doing sit-ups, leg-lifts and other exercises. However, you must remove the fat from your stomach in front of this abdominal muscle so it can be seen. The old adage, ‘you are what you eat’ is never more true than in a regimen to become physically fit. You must learn which foods add fat and which burn fat, when to eat, and how much to eat.

Question: What is “weight cutting”?

Answer: Weight cutting generally refers to the practice of rapid weight loss by athletes before a sporting competition. This is particularly true in sports that have different levels of competition with qualifying weight restrictions. Usually a burst diet is followed and/or water weight is lost just before completing. Nutritionists do not recommend this  for the normal dieter desiring long term weight loss.